XVI National and international congress of Paleopathology 

April 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2022

" Of pain, nobody died "


Paleopathology is a medical and historical discipline in which the knowledge and techniques of medicine, bio anthropology, archaeology and biochemistry are associated with historical methodology. It is a matter of observing an anomaly in a skeletal rest and being able to solve two fundamental questions: first, WHAT IS IT ABOUT?, to then consider and be able to answer WHAT DOES IT MEAN? 

Based on these approaches, since 1991, scientific meetings have been held biannually throughout Spain, under the auspices of the Spanish Association of Paleopathology. From the beginning, and even today, the objective is that these congresses serve as a meeting place for professionals, students and interested people. In the same way, they are an ideal forum for exchanging opinions, discussing concepts, presenting cases and learning among colleagues. Thanks to these meetings, Paleopathology has become a discipline that brings together professionals in forensic medicine, archaeology, human biology, biochemistry and genetics of ancient populations, becoming a subject of international reference.

At the meeting of the Spanish Association of Paleopathology, held during the XV Congress of Paleopathology (Granada, June 2019), we were entrusted with the organization of the next edition, to give continuity to this scientific initiative in the incomparable setting of the city of Girona.